Customer: Valirana City Hall | Town: Matarˇ | Start Year: 2007 | End Year: 2007 | Surface: 900.00m2

The project includes the creation of a new space for the use of public park, a place for both adults and children and also improves pedestrian circulation path to shortcuts.
There have been two levels of park plans, the first level corresponds to the street level to the bottom +99.59, and the second of the two existing well are joined by a large concrete pad attached to wall Street due to the size of the ramp that takes place in two tranches of 8% slope the railing just in its beginning is the same wall of the playground and in his second stretch a metal railing • opaque fence.
In the first zone will create two distinct areas paved with gravel: in the first, which is the rest area and there will be free games-on a large bench located within the boundaries to maximize the free surface, two sources will be located at two different levels of stone boundary wall area of ​​the stream, housed two large trees that give shade made in this area and the second area is the playground for the elderly and children, this will be a circular area closed to prevent entry of animals with stone walls and tubular metal railings to plans by replanting and include three items for the home games Lappset
In the second area, lower level, only rehabilitate the well to incorporate them moving water and s'endrešarÓ area. They placed metal fences in the area of ​​protection of the stairs leading down to the path shortcuts and space limit in the park where the end wall boundary.
The entire area is enclosed with metal fence that mimic the area's vegetation (reeds) and low wall construction in areas where they want to reinforce the viewpoint. Admission will occur and the lowest point of the top of the street with two sliding doors equal to the fence around the site, access from the lowest point is at the high level by level.
Were placed two trees that provide large format color and shade to the upper and aromatic plants for flower beds that give color and smell.


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