Customer: Mataró City Hall | Town: Mataró | Start Year: 2005 | End Year: 2009 | Surface: 6,258.23m2


Project and build:

  • Phase I: 2005-2006
  • Phase II: 2008-2009

 Arrangement has been made of the Pau Claris Passage in two phases, the first of the Middle Way and Alarona, the second street to City Freta Alarona organizing different parts of this space journey pedestrian areas, rest areas and games Passage improve access from anywhere.

So we decided to keep all existing trees, removing only one tree in a timely manner if not in good condition. We make a planter linear divided into parts due to the great length from passenger area creating a more dynamic movement of pedestrians and the second phase also stop vehicles. On the other hand, more static for resting, reading and waiting for the children of the Middle Way School, except in the area where it touches Alarona locate a street paved multi-use space.

Basically it is extended section of the Passage already executed in 2005 in the area of ​​the Middle Way Street towards the street Alarona, expanding the size of the section while maintaining the same structure.

Both plants flower 20x3 m with wooden sleepers will be 20x12 cm section of special treatment, this project includes the implementation of two main planters or their gardening paid by the Maintenance Service, but if the execution of the foundation that supports two concrete ramps and accessible that lie between them.

On the east side of the garden central area limited laterally to the center of public secondary education Pla d'en Boet, leaving existing trees of the same settings to create a walking area and the banda of secondary school is solved with a colored concrete sidewalk that is the boundary of the area to walk around flower beds and plants that make boundary to the center and help to add color and privacy to it.
The strip has 3 ride free zones; - first to play with the street Alarona serves as a great carpet entrance from the street to ride solved with a carpet of prefabricated Tohro expanding area of ​​sidewalk that is in Currently, there is also a new entry to the existing wall, from there we make a ramp with the same gravel pavement crossing the slope from the street to the ultimate level of park that runs with a gentle slope after until the end of the walk, the sand will be holding pieces of precast concrete curb.
- The second (in center activities are placed all sorts of people, a pun on the house "BDU" or similar, a large wheel for all ages and a table tennis and ping. the last zone City street to play with FRET, where there is currently a source, remains the same and is left as an area for rest and reading.
Finally there is one last area between the road and the edge of the patio Alarona of secondary school for its location makes it viable placing a closed playground, being an area of ​​outstanding created two platforms , a website for the location of playgrounds and several house "BDU" or similar and superior to sit and rest, including creating a zone banks for the playground.

Limiting the area closes street paved with CiutatFreta also placed a large planter wooden sleepers treated with autoclave and planting several plants that make filtering the street and rest area. Finally in this area
pavimentarà pieces of concrete access from the street side in passage Alarona.

Jodar Garcia Arquitectes © Created by Perception