Customer: Valirana City Hall | Town: Vallirana | Start Year: 2005 | End Year: 2006 | Surface: 579.60m2

The proposal has the following objectives; organize different areas clearly creating some specific activities for each one, connect peatonalemnt areas, encouraging pedestrian flow and integrate the flow of pedestrian traffic and the creation of clear steps and through the streets the parking zone.

To achieve these objectives, the proposal includes paving with concrete all around "in situ" with a completed "pavidur" with various colors which makes mat and drops between the parks and the creation of a list of scales two levels that convert into stands and disappear to create accessible over the route and steps to create pedestrian crossing party shot.

To break down with the hardness of the pavement, and because along the way they are raised different things happening downstairs and stands with other materials (granite) who drew strips on the pavement ended and that the gap is repeated on level to accompany the trip to the bottom of it.

This new paved area has a size that allows activities in addition to its role in passing, or free activities center.

Jodar Garcia Arquitectes © Created by Perception