Town: Sant Josep de Sa Talaia | Start Year: 2012 | End Year: 2012 | Surface: 1,364.00m2

Our proposal tries to make the whole building-site is an indivisible whole. The planning of the building and its immediate surroundings were made simultaneously on each side of the open space collaborate with each part of the enclosed space and vice versa (views, vegetation breezes, etc..) In actually considered the space outdoors and stay more with the creation of the building, in addition, areas of intermediate and transitional patios, terraces, balconies, etc.. Everything works together and interactively, terraces benefit from the placement of vegetation and the audience outside the perimeter of the wooden building, classrooms and campus sought the views of sun protection for the building, etc. ... full of subtle details that make the space nice and all.
The placement of the built part of the proposed structure with high piles on the ground (like the tradition of wooden huts where the fishermen keep their boats next to the water), part of the profits climatic obtained in this type of climate, it is a declaration of intent to get my toes on the ground, studying the building tradition, not to damage the existing one.
Remove the greatest environmental benefits of energy efficiency and building systems using the most appropriate materials and the result of a careful analysis of the site, its tradition and its surroundings.
The proposed architecture is based on a simple idea beach buildings following: Piers fishermen and construction palafítiques.
This idea is reinforced with prefabricated elements assembled on site with minimal handling, increasing the speed of construction and facilitating the replacement or modification.

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