Town: Sevilla | Start Year: 2011 | End Year: 2011 | Surface: 1,200.00m2

The location of the new home of "Brotherhood" in the lot adjacent to the Shrine of Ntro. Father Jesus of Health and the Blessed Mary of the Sorrows crowned, has a superior character to own the home of the "Brotherhood" as it becomes a part of the Sanctuary and it has to reflect the shape and distribution the taste of tradition in materials, textures, light and shadows ... but not with a current character imitations.
The building should be able to attract people, part of the program needed to house the "Brotherhood" must be a great place full of activities, feelings, halfway between St. space and the museum (with events, exhibitions, meetings, etc ...) in a short INTERPRETATION CENTRE OF "Brotherhood of the Gypsies."
Finally the building itself is part of an arrangement than the site where it is located, which are scheduled for a sports area, green, giving back to what is now an open space of apples to as the interpretive center of the "Brotherhood of the Gypsies" should help create a new landscape, the space is not building a territory between sculpture, architecture, urbanism and landscape design.
The image of the center of this landscape is a large wall-filter that reproduces the front side of the sanctuary and creates interior spaces with outdoor-supply capacity multiplicity of activities related to the "Brotherhood", a unique element itself.

Jodar Garcia Arquitectes © Created by Perception