Town: Calviŕ | Start Year: 2010 | End Year: 2010 | Surface: 2,254.55m2

Placed between the fabric of the city and Park Sa ​​Morisca a filter element and singular, a clear reference both for residents and potential users of Calvia, a gateway to both real and metaphorical Park ahead the city has been our idea to generating project.
The building had to be avant-garde, on the one hand, to be the place to visit for people from outside the city, yet the taste of tradition through their shapes, colors, materials and textures, no imitations . strategies
A reference. The museum had to be a reference, this door had to be a beacon in the city, in this sense, we have tried since the very concept, location, design, lighting, materials, etc. .. was an element reference level city and the island.
The ziggurat. The generating idea of the project concept, that route goes up to the highest point, metaphorically we wanted as assimilate the route the city wants to go to the future.
The door. Our door is due to the asymmetrical idea has clearly shown that what happens before transferring it (the urban world and represented with a hard square pool, a lobby prior post) and what happens after transferring it (nature, the park said in a soft space existing square Park, which includes all scheduled departure towards the Park)
Agora Square. It can be both an important meeting place and distribution, we set the thickness of the door and how much input distributor to the different areas, among them the museum exhibition more
The Lighthouse. The lighthouse is the space inside the Ziggurat, protected by the outer skin situate the most significant activities.

Jodar Garcia Arquitectes © Created by Perception