Town: Ciutadella | Start Year: 2010 | End Year: 2010 | Surface: 1,673.31m2

Menorca has been an island where many different cultures have passed since ancient times and all have agreed that their buildings are heavily embedded in stone the megalithic tombs, the shuttles, the talayots later, to the fortifications, churches .... even the most modern buildings of stone huts.
A stone banda another feature is the wind ...
These two are the elements of the construction of the new school of music and dance. Must be a building stone, emblematic case, but it is sufficiently drilled to tap the sea breeze and improve indoor climate naturally protected from the north wind and the strong summer sun.
The exterior of the building is a quarry mother, who has been removing pieces to put different rooms necessary for the intended use, you may also remember the walls of defense the city .... The envelope is marked by regulations, maximum height of 12m, with sloping roof and flat about 2/3, 1/3.
The building is closed to tougher guidelines (South America) and the other two open to getting those wind flow that passes from one side of the building, the structure is clearly marked with a few lines in this direction Structural Concrete powerful lines as a staff where they placed notes (different rooms) to form the score is the school of music and dance.
The building is organized with these two bodies that happy all the rooms and halls, the space between them forms the main entrance of the building, there is another body that gives access to the square that is of emergency and use the multipurpose room on the second floor of this body, and auditorium for use by the band, as it is considered that the use of the hall is timely and port compatible with either hand, has separate entrance for after-hours use of the school or at the same time without interfering with its operation.

Jodar Garcia Arquitectes © Created by Perception