Town: Puente Génave | Start Year: 2010 | End Year: 2010 | Surface: 2,400.00m2

The location of the Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago Ydáñez (MACSY) in the residential sector of the Rectory, responds to several factors: first, the intention of boosting the town, thus placing it in the village to encourage visits to also enjoy this outdoor museum so characteristic of the place, trade, gastronomy ... make the museum building is a part of the existing museum.
Another was that visited the site we saw the work being conducted regulating the sector, conditioned the banks of the river, built the site and we thought it would be good to accompany this action with this new element also character .
And finally, the landscape is very important because the larger scale, these huge rolling seas formed by mountains full of olive trees that form a perfect network as a tapestry throughout Andalusia. With all that we would not talk about building the museum, but the new landscape, the space of the building is not in a territory between sculpture, architecture, urbanism and landscape design.
The image center is this new landscape walls leaving the floor and create indoor-outdoor spaces capable of offering multiple activities related to artistic matters, something singular continuous and proper and visit a tourist attraction.

Jodar Garcia Arquitectes © Created by Perception