Town: Granada | Start Year: 2004 | End Year: 2004 | Surface: 6,608.00m2

The urban area, the functional and the mood Lorca teas are lines of work that have guided this project.

Placing the building entrances:Different response to the urban grain following an unpredictable path from the area of ​​the cathedral through the different streets or alleys to reach the place of "Romanilla" We have found it very explicitly stated not to access the building the square and we have placed on bias through the passage of the French we get a banda highlight this passage (extending it to almost a square size in the access area of ​​the building fuck input mode) and generated impressibilitat this attractive feature of the historic center, using the façade overlooking the square as a poster announcing that happens last.



Final geometry of the building:Organizing the three parties that make up the foundation around a central courtyard covered the following types of genuine city, placed the cultural and educational center in the area of ​​communicating and vertical dividing their different offices ( Exhibition Hall, theater, classrooms, workshops, etc.) and Fundación García Lorca and Lorca Institute studies in the area of ​​passage and Lorca Institute studies in the area of ​​French passage communicating also its vertical stays (bar, shop, office, library, etc.).. The vertical communication is common for all three units and is located in a strip center and next to the main courtyard. The transversal communication is done through the centers of the central strip running sewing relations of all the common foundation in a homogeneous but once clearly differentiated.

Talant Lorca:We have tried to respond to several questions regarding the project implicitly simple, reserved, subtle and insinuating, the result of an ongoing process of study and reduction of all the information that we have been considering.

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