Customer: Valirana City Hall | Town: Vallirana | Start Year: 2010 | End Year: 2011 | Surface: 10,500.00m2


-Selected Project in 7th European Biennial of Landscape -

The park "la Font del Rector"is a space to sort and retrieve unstructured, planning and abused by a very complicated topography that made the edge of the village, creating a green, pleasant neighbors that accompanies not only present but also new selling related to the construction of new subsidized housing being made and create new uses for existing homes in order to turn it around and make them partakers of space, more connectivity between the people and the estates is complete, no longer a barrier.

We worked hard theory "Event places": areas of high historical and emotional stress valliranecs the recovery and the old bridge linking the village with vineyards and outside pools (water jumps stream) making them both in the structuring elements of the proposal to accentuate the feeling of belonging.

This action also just tie the pedestrian hub of the town, creating a linear park that runs from one end of the town, the area of ​​performance and is fully adapted to a later stage will be finished completing accessibility around the axis of fun and freedom that accompanies the stream, and promote its use with the addition of new urban elements (sports, furniture, games, etc ...) as much as the area of activity throughout their tour of the town, all improve their access, create new buildings housing etc ...

We could say that the intervention was sustainable because it is integrated harmoniously in the environment and improving the materials used are of the place and length without excessive maintenance and most importantly quality of life has increased population and now has become a meeting place for all kinds of people besides recovering the flora and fauna that had been lost. 


Jodar Garcia Arquitectes © Created by Perception